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A Clarkston Health Equity Coalition Initiative

815 Park North Blvd., Clarkston, GA 30021

The Clarkston Resource & Wellness Hub is an initiative of the Clarkston Health Equity Coalition (CHEC) and operates as a network of resources and service providers convening together to address health equity challenges faced by the Clarkston community to provide a one-stop access point to address the following areas:

  • Health Care Access and Quality

  • Preventive Care Access

  • Transportation

  • Interpretation

  • Community Health Workers

  • Mental Health Care Access and Quality

  • Food Security

  • Education Access and Quality

Please join us! Collaboration is key to building a thriving community. We are actively seeking partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and stakeholders to maximize our collective impact and create a network of support for Clarkston residents.


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