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Our Story

The Clarkston Coalition began in June 2021 as a collaborative effort by community organizations to increase Covid-19 vaccine uptake in their service communities. However, most organizations have a community-based approach with a vested interest in reducing health disparities of this population beyond vaccination and thus the Coalition continues to expand their scope of work to align with current community needs.


Since its inception, The Clarkston Coalition has played a major role in several health fairs, community engagement events, research projects and school vaccination events. As one measure of our success, we have seen over 3,000 community members vaccinated in this time.


The Clarkston Health Equity Coalition (CHEC) is a collaboration of multi-sector organizations, community members and leaders that have a common mission to decrease barriers to health equity as defined by Clarkston residents. 


The CHEC aims to increase access and utilization of health and social services through: Resource mobilization, collective action, and collaborative initiatives. We aim to increase community knowledge by equipping individuals with health literacy and tools to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. We aim for this work to catalyze change among programs, policies, and practices resulting in increased quality of life for Clarkston residents.



Clarkston residents will access and utilize a holistic, culturally and linguistically responsive system of healthcare and social services resulting in improved health outcomes and community wellness that is affordable.

CHEC Tenants/Values


We believe that the most effective solutions are found within the community, and we will hold ourselves accountable to the community for sustained progress in health outcomes. 


We ensure provision of resources that are culturally and linguistically responsive and leverage the skills of community members to have agency in their own lives. 


We will use data to focus our work, measure impact, and strive for continuous improvement, all of which will be shared publicly.


We believe that collaborative partnerships are the most effective way to bring systemic change and eliminate structural inequalities in our communities

Cultural Humility

We center cultural humility and life-long learning in our approach to serving communities.


We welcome all cultures and ethnicities, acknowledge their fluidity and intersectionality, and celebrate their diversity.


The Coalition aims to be transparent with all stakeholders. 


CHEC Strategic Goals (3-5 Years)


Improve Equitable Access to Healthcare

Access to culturally responsive physical and psycho-social health and social services will address social determinants of health and improve the wellness of communities. .


Strengthen and Prioritize Community Voices

Actively engage community members in the development and planning of services and outreach to ensure alignment with their needs and priorities. 


Develop and Formalize a Sustainable Model for the Coalition

Advance CHEC impact through securing multi-year funding, strategic and committed partnerships, and diverse and representative membership.

CHEC Member Organizations

  • Aid the Journey

  • Amplify Georgia Collaborative, Dekalb Campaign

  • Boat People SOS clinic 

  • Catholic Charities 

  • Center for Global Health Innovation

  • Center for Victims of Torture

  • Clarkston Youth Services 

  • Clarkston Community Health Center

  • CORE Response Georgia

  • CPACs- Center for Pan Asian Communities

  • CDFAction

  • City of Clarkston

  • Cocomatl (Congolese Community of Atlanta)

  • Dekalb County (Commissioner Ted Terry, Commissioner Jeff Rader)

  • DeKalb County Commission Vaccine Response Liaison

  • Debre Bisrat St. Gabriel Church

  • DeKalb County Board of Health

  • Diabetes You Can Win

  • Emory Healthcare

  • Emory University

  • Emory University School of Nursing

  • Emory University School of Medicine

  • EasterSeals NEGA

  • Ethne Health Center

  • Eritrea-American Community Association of GA

  • Embrace Refugee Birth

  • Friends of Refugees

  • Georgia Department of Public Health

  • Georgia-DPH Refugee Health

  • Georgia State University Prevention Research Center

  • Global Health Pharmacy

  • ​Grady Hospital

  • Georgia Human Rights Clinic (Emory Rollins School of Public Health)

  • Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia

  • Indian Creek Elementary School, DeKalb County School District

  • Interfaith Youth Core

  • International Rescue Committee

  • International Community School

  • Inspiritus

  • Icna Relief/ Shifa Clinic

  • Jolly Elementary

  • Liminal Health and Fitness

  • Medcura Health

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI) Dekalb

  • New American Pathways

  • Paint Love

  • Period ATL

  • Positive Growth, Inc

  • Refugee Women’s Network

  • Represent ATL

  • Steed Society

  • Somali American Community Center

  • Twende Porini Foundation 

  • Union Of Swahili Refugee Youth Mission 

  • Vaccine Equity Consortium- California Health Medical Reserve Corps

  • Women’s Health First

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